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Arts-In-Education Puppetry Workshops for Educational Professionals: Eliminating the Difficult Learner
Creating the Homogeneous, Integrated Classroom

30 Minute Key Note by Jan Kuyper Erland or 2 1/4 hr. (half-day) or 4 1/2 hr. (full-day) workshops

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The Bridge To Achievement Topics:

"Part I: What you need to know: "What It Takes to Raise Test Scores -- Making Test-Taking Practice Stick by Making Kids Smarter -- The Missing Learning Memory Transfer Link." Give teachers strategies for applying successful classroom rehearsal methods to other previously attended test- taking workshop practicums to assist high to average, low, and difficult learners. Make the learning process easier and faster for all.

"Part II: Integrating the classroom: All Levels of Learners Can Work and Achieve New Heights Together. Learning the Basics of Visual-Verbal Rehearsal Practice Through Puppetry With Choral Speech. "

"Part III: Taking the Boredom Out of Academic Learning - Learn How to Chunk Information Through Recitative Choral Speech Using a Variety of Interactive Puppets. Kids Like to Act For Academics: Drama Is Fun"

"Making All Learning Styles Operational: One, Two, Three, Making Kids Smarter - Let's Go!"

Do your students readily learn new, complex information in reading, language arts, mathematics, and science? Discover why some learn quickly, and why many do not. Create focus, attention, and enthusiasm for learning. Discover how to activate all learning styles, especially visual and listening sequential memory through "Span Power."

Raise your students academic achievement scores in all subjects. Twenty-eight years of published validated results. Five experimental studies have one-three years published longitudinal tracking. Many life-long success stories followed over the years.

Find out why your students are often unaware of detail errors. Learn how they can correct mistakes before they compound. Explore why memory expansion through recitation is an important bridge to learning.

Apply Elements From the Theatre Using Dramatization, Speech Chorus, and Puppetry for all age groups: children, teens, and adults alike! Learn about creating High Performance Thinking ® through the tools of drama and the theater. Make learning exciting, classroom problems are reduced, so students can learn math and science needed for advanced technologies. Students become more creative.

Teach creative learning games to improve visual and listening memory. Do you become frustrated in trying to integrate different levels of learners in the classroom? Find out about Brain Power games to activate the slow or unmotivated student. Accelerated Learning strategies will improve visual and listening memory to create higher academic achievement in all subject areas.

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